Embedded Finance: The BaaS trend to watch in 2023? Key predictions from Vodeno

However, what we are seeing today is the digitisation of this, and the fact that now, interactions with financial products are a daily occurrence and the possibilities are endless thanks to our increasingly digital world. From digital wallets, digital reward cards and apps and so forth, embedded finance in the digital world is making purchases […]

How to Make a Calendar App: Features & Steps

Here, we can see great use of visual elements to make one’s schedule easy to understand and manage. It’s easy to use and despite it not being overly pretty, it fulfills most of the people’s needs when it comes to a calendar app design. Both Google and Apple offer the users several APIs to incorporate […]

Make Your Own Food Ordering Takeaway App for your Restaurant

You can think about collaborating with influencers and food bloggers who have a significant following. Their recommendations and reviews can greatly influence potential users to download and try your app. Furthermore, if you have a great feature idea, everyone using the same white-label app might get it once developed, so it’s not just yours anymore. […]

Pairwise Testing Guide: How To Perform Pairwise Testing

The tester’s skills for analysis and knowledge of how the application functions is crucial to determine what values or combination of values best test the app. In addition, there are testing patterns across the life cycle of an engagement in which a pairwise testing tool can help reduce testing effort and maximize coverage. When compared […]